Wednesday, November 2, 2011

as long as i'm dying, i may as well be ridiculous

i couldn't do it. i just couldn't sit at home doing nothing anymore.
i stared at my fabric wall, sorted through my pattern boxes, and made the most ridiculous thing i possibly have ever made.... 

woop woop!

i am 100% sure that this is not anything close to what they had in mind when they made simplicity 3045,
got mine for a dollar!

but that is their problem, not mine. now, as soon as i am done being sick, i get to wear this dress out. 
come on crissy! suck it up! get that flu outta here!!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better - the dress is awesome!

  2. Fantastic! Everyone needs a ridiculous but still cute party dress!

  3. I love the fabric (wish I could get something similar over here...) and it was the best choice you could make for this pattern, I think.

  4. Ah!! that fabric is very colorful, I would say it very "80's" BUT it looks great in that dress!! tha pattern is very pretty, I love how the crinoline looks

  5. WOW! Am impressed at your sewing staying power despite flu. I hope there's some of this fabric left over for a pair of boxers for your manly man ;-)

  6. Oh I agree w/Clare on the boxers, and this is AH-MAZING, and I love the pattern. I need to find one with the scalloped neckline!

  7. This dress is EPIC! I LOVE the combo of rainbow colours and unicorns and scallops!!!

  8. This is such a perfectly whimsical dress! Everything about it just goes so well together.